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Boston University proposes to build a BioSafety Level 4 (BSL4) laboratory in the densely populated Roxbury/South End Area. This lab, funded and supported by the Bush administration, would research the most dangerous pathogens know to humanity (e.g. tularemia, anthrax, and the Ebola viruses), many of which can be transmitted through the air. The lab would pose catastrophic health and safety risks to the Greater Boston Area, create a potential terrorist target, undermine public health by diverting research funds to military purposes, operate without community or public oversight, and is opposed by the surrounding community. This website contains information about the proposed Bioterror Lab and the campaign to stop it.



Safety Net

The Safety Net is creating a movement of people of color who have been excluded from the decision-making process to confront power directly and demand fundamental changes in the rules of the game, so that we can achieve our right to a healthy environment. The Safety Net began in 2000 to bring together residents from Melnea Cass Boulevard and Tremont Street in the Roxbury area with a focus on the tenants of the ten housing developments in the area... (read more)

Biolab News!

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Department of Defense Biological Safety and Security Program

The overarching conclusion of this long report is that high biocontainment labs can't guard against theft of bioweapons agents. See the letter from the Office of the Secretary of Defense near the beginning of the document.

The bioterrorism biz
Former BU biolab proponent runs for city council, campaigns against biolab
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2003 Globe article
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Massachusetts does NOT rank highly on preparedness in this latest report (2008) by the Trust for America's health
Deval Patrick names Superior Court Judge Ralph Gants to SJC
Anti-bioterror programs may make U.S. more vulnerable
Biohazards on the subway? Oh, hell naw!

Global disease alert map

Statement on the U.S. Biodefense Program from Communities Living in its Shadow

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